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Digital word-of-mouth for your brand with Social Trust™

Activate word-of-mouth in the digital era with the Customerforce Enterprise platform.

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Turn digital word of mouth into a competitive advantage

Social Trust Dashboard

The Customerforce Social Trust Dashboard is a performance reporting system that reveals key consumer insights with real-time metrics, traces ROI and connects the performance dots.

Customerforce Labs

Bespoke Social Trust solutions based on the unique challenges or requirements of your brand and includes scaled digital word-of-mouth sprints.

Customerforce Marketing

The Customerforce Marketing platform delivers a scalable Social Trust™ marketing strategy. A defined word-of-mouth marketing strategy helps you encourage and accelerate conversations within your customer base that grow your brand. Recent research from R.R. Donnelly notes that most consumers (28%) prefer to learn about new brands or products via word of mouth (note that social media is close behind at 23%). But contrast that with the meager 4% of marketers that feel that same.

Customerforce Transform

Customerforce Transform delivers personalized word-of-mouth experiences at scale. Connect prospective customers and amplify your reputation at every touchpoint.

Social Trust integrated into your Brand

Customerforce insights are how leading brands develop a digital word-of-mouth channel - by turning data into actionable insights and new business opportunities at scale

Turn digital word of mouth into a competitive advantage.

With a defined word-of-mouth marketing strategy, you can create a consistent flow of customer conversations that regularly result in new business. Customerforce gives you a better understanding of feedback on your products and services — plus key insights on your competitors' offerings and strategies — so you can identify critical market trends and capitalize on unmet customer needs.

Build your business with Social trust.

The reality? Customer conversations are among your most valuable marketing assets. This is especially true for brands in crowded industries. Consumers overwhelmingly prefer to learn about and research products organically via conversations versus being bashed over the head with ads. But the data above highlights how marketers at large are still missing this translation? There's a massive window of opportunity for brands that can effectively encourage and leverage positive word of mouth.

Empower your team with Customerforce's Transform

Despite popular belief, driving more discussions and recommendations doesn’t happen organically or by accident. With the Customerforce Transform engine, you can transform the real-time voice of the customer data into digital word-of-mouth — and then share it in all formats and on all devices across your entire organization to fuel collaboration and innovation.